Cornhusker  Ultra-Lite Spreads And 3-Axle Hopper Trailers


Utilize a state’s increased weight limits and the lightweight of the Cornhusker 800 3-Axle hopper to maximize your payload and profit. Over 50 years of trailer manufacturing experience, combined with the light weight and high strength of aluminum, has led to the development of a 3-axle hopper trailer with one of the lowest empty weights in the industry. Our Cornhusker 800 46' 6" 3-Axle Ultra-Lite weighs less than 9500 lbs. including 8 tires and all of our standard features. Give us your state’s bridge formula and we will build a trailer to maximize your haul. We also build custom trailers to fit any of your specialized applications. Trade up to a LIGHTWEIGHT/HIGH PAYLOAD Cornhusker 800 and realize the benefits of HIGHER RESALE & INCREASED REVENUE.