Dragon 120BBL DOT ASME “U” Stamp Code Steel Vacuum Tanks

The toughest jobs require the toughest equipment.

Dragon’s RANCO trailers are no stranger to a hard day’s work, so it is only natural that they are a part of Dragon. With more than 30 years of expertise in manufacturing tank trailers customers trust the Dragon name. In-house engineering, vast production capacity, and knowledgeable support teams deliver the severe-duty equipment and service you need every time, every where.

  • 120 Barrel DOT 407/412, ASME “U” Stamp
  • 5040 Gallons, plus 2%
  • 35 PSI Internal, 15 PSI External, 53 PSIG Hydrostatic Test
  • DESIGN PRESSURE: 35 psi internal, 15 psi external, 53 psig hydrostatic test
  • SHELL: 1/4 pl x 58 in o.d.
  • HEAD: 1/4 pl asme f&d
  • TBAFFLE: 2 – 1/4 pl flat flanged and dished each with interior shell reinforcement ring
  • STIFFENER: 3/8 x 2 1/2 rolled rings (9) external
  • WELDS: internal root, external submerged-arc all welds solid
  • COMPARTMENT: single
  • SUSPENSION: hutch 9700 spring w/8 leaf heavy duty springs
  • AXLES: 25,000 lb round w/outboard drums (2)
  • WHEELS: 10 hole steel disc hub pilot
  • TIRES: 11.00 x 24.5 radial
  • BRAKES: 16 1/2 x 7 with spring parking, auto slacks, bendix 4s-2m abs system
  • UPPER COUPLER: bolt on adjustable
  • LANDING LEGS: 2 speed, heavy duty, high capacity lift
  • BUMPER: heavy duty per dot requirements FENDERS: full length formed hose pan (10 ga) with 1/4” formed supports each side of trailer
  • BUMPER: heavy duty per dot requirements FENDERS: full length formed hose pan (10 ga) with 1/4” formed supports each side of trailer
  • TOOL BOX: (2ea) 18 x 18 x 36. (1ea) on each side with sealed door
  • MUD FLAPS: anti sail
  • VALVES: outlet – 6” rear hydraulic operated clearflow lw-6000 valve. Inlet – 4” rear hydraulic operated clearflow lw-4000 valve
  • RELIEFS: dot specification 407/412, 3” stainless steel relief valve, located at top front of barrel, 2” blow down line at rear 2” internal bleeder/ blow down line from front 12”manway ran to bottom external of tank.2” valve (resun model no.: d125) with remote handle to rear of trailer for operation
  • MANWAYS: four located on top. all asme 20” domed style with plated swing bolts and wing nuts
  • SHUT OFF: ball type primary in front 12” manway with air operated isolation valve, ball type secondary 12 gal on drivers side front with drain over turn fully dot complainant as required
  • PROTECTION: (pipe construction with longitudinal bracing)
  • LIGHTS: full dot lights, sealed lights, harness and junction box with terminal strip, two rear work lights with integral switches
  • LEVEL GAUGE: ball float with ss ball located in rear head
  • V/P GAUGE: 30-30 vacuum/pressure gauge
  • INTERNAL LINING: bottom of tank internaly lined with stainless steel sheet 24”wide x 12ga(.105) thk. full length of tank
  • COATING: exterior surfaces white metal steel grit blast, 2.5 mil profile (sp-10), exterior coated high build epoxy primer and color coated with high solids polyurethane, 4-6 mil dry film thickness
  • PLACARDS: 4 – placard frames
  • FIRE EXTINGUISHER: 1 – dry chemical for hydrocarbons
  • ANTI STATIC CABLE: 1 – static ground cable with clamp (50’)
  • OPTIONS: SELF CONTAINED ENGINE/PUMP PKG: wittig rfl1000 vacuum pump, w/ 4 way valve and inlet filter. air operated 4 way valve w/ air control at rear of trailer. Direct drive to engine with clutched pump drive, 1:1 ratio, extended clutch operator to driver side. 28 hp @ 1800 rpm deutz air cooled engine. Pump engine package skid mounted transvers on trailer front porch. Engine rubber mounted to skid. Skid rubber mounted to trailer. All exhausts and mufflers mounted on trailer and plumbed